Huddle Folders - Reaching Moms

As the Creative Lead for the 2016-17 Huddle Folders program school year, I worked with project management and the Lead Designer to design a take home homework folder pushing the theme of No Bullying. These folders are sponsored by brands and provided free of charge to elementary schools across the country. 



Make It Better - Reaching Young Families

The Make It Better program enables health based brands to provide free medical supplies to schools and target audiences. We put together Proof of Performance books to show these brands the impact they had in real lives. Along with designing custom POP books, I was able to illustrate custom coloring pages for the kids to color and write their own thank you notes. Showing this engagement helps ensure that brands continue to participate in Make It Better.


Super Student - A Student Incentive Program

A series of gifs used for the Super Student website and sales sheets. I also designed mail inserts and leave behind flyers.


Marketing Tools - Sales Decks & Ebooks

Collaboration between myself and copywriters at Huddle. They provided information and I designed a presentation around it.